Jesse Futerman - 'Waterzone' 12"
Jesse Futerman - 'Waterzone' 12"
Jesse Futerman - 'Waterzone' 12"

Jesse Futerman - 'Waterzone' 12"

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Jesse Futerman and his ornate personality are most comfortable when collaborating and highlighting the best in people. 'Waterzone' is the sound of such experiences. The talent of Stacey Shopsowitz (Bass), Chris Edmondson (Saxophone) and Beverly Glenn­-Copeland (Voice), are introduced in turn, as if by spotlight, on “Vista”, while Futerman takes back stage to lay out the foundation. It’s a subdued side of the artist that’s rare to witness while he’s behind the booth, but all too common when in the studio. In a similar fashion, Futerman carefully presents samples with jammed out melodies and percussion flourishes putting his spicy spin on all that is deep.
released August 24, 2018 

Written & Produced by Jesse Futerman 
Mixed by Patrick Holland 
Sax on 'Vista' by C. Edmondson 
Bass on 'Vista' & 'Waterzone' by S. Shopsowitz 
Voice on 'Vista' by B. Glenn-Copeland 
Design & Artwork by Devin White 
Mastered by Alden Tyrell 
Distributed by Clone