Seth - "This is True" Cassette

Seth - "This is True" Cassette

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SETH is the project of NYC's James K that she started with Gobby in 2012. SETH is whimsical. SETH is half-self-conscious, twice as demonic. It works in another dimension, throwing a few shaky rope bridges when absolutely unnecessary. It's using time for all that it’s worth, not quite leaving any space to breathe.

For their second album, released on cassette, this time via 1080p, SETH searches for a way out of a pretty nasty place it found itself in. Using the elements of darkness and light, SETH seeks a new shelter - lush and volatile, promising but not quite real. ‘This is True (Sunseth),’ the resulting mini album, is a brainchild of James K's glitter-tormented mind. Duo’s trickery and perversity shaped the actual sound, to reflect their meandrical relationship and feelings towards each other at that moment in time.

The tape is a cartridge: by inserting it in your machine, you unlock the SETH exotic realm; flaming away into ashy night. Poing, volatile poing.

released June 2, 2015

All vocal production, writing, and performing: James K
Writing, arranging, production: James K and Gobby
All artwork: James K
Videos: James K