Khotin - ‘New Tab’ Cassette
Khotin - ‘New Tab’ Cassette

Khotin - ‘New Tab’ Cassette

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Timeless chilled out gem from the deep blue
A1. Canada Line
A2. Wheeler Road
A3. Dialogue 6
A4. Dotty
A5. Something is happening to me
B6. Always Glad
B7. Frog Fractions
B8. Fever Loop
B9. Health Pack
B10. New Window
released May 18, 2017 

♥ All music written by Dylan James Khotin-Foote (alias Khotin) 
♥ Recorded in 2016-2017 @ Deep Blue in Vancouver, BC, Canada 
♥ Mastered by Nik Kozub - “Great rates, unparalleled turnaround!” 
♥ Blue sticker on tape signifies Side A, Red sticker signifies Side B 
♥ Thx to my friends/family & everybody listening in this world and beyond...