Feingold - "Nuff Zang" Cassette

Feingold - "Nuff Zang" Cassette

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Montreal producer and Temple Records affiliate Adam Feingold follows up a killer 12” on Apron and pushes into new emotional and textural zones with “Nuff Zang”. Drawing from dub and ambient elements and a casual approach to zen, this 43 minute release seeks a mellow and serene place through more typically physically stimulating moods of hazy, jacked techno, spaced-out house and reverberant jungle rhythms.

The tracks that make up “Nuff Zang” were made either sitting on the floor, standing up, sometimes half asleep at night or sometimes during the day, and the resulting tonal and vibe-al duality creates the feel that this is a record for the whole self.

Set amongst the current stylistic familiarities of scruffy techno and after-hours hybridity, Feingold is lucid, subtly immersive and constantly focused on sounding and moving “up” , with even the more ambient zoners coming out bright and energetic and attuned to a split between club realms and home-listenability that ends up an exact yin and yang.

Dubbed-out drone opener “Night of Scorpio” segue naturally into the big claps and duo-tone house of “Palo Santo” which in itself becomes increasingly jumpin’ with brittle hi-hats and...  more

released April 21, 2015