Gucchi Babe – Même Prix 2010


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Today we’re happy  to announce the release of Même Prix 2010 by Gucchi BabeMême Prix 2010 is a collection of selected tracks produced and composed by Levi Bruce during the winter and spring of 2014, split between his time in Montréal and rural Ontario. The album title is both a reference and tribute to a dollar store Bruce frequents in Plaza St. Hubert in Montréal. 

For a little more info, read what Gucchi Babe has to say himself:
Même Prix 2010 

‘As I walked into the dollar store, with its windows full of cheap plastic toys & electronics, the middle-aged clerk immediately gives me an unimpressed glare. I ignore her and continue on, wandering up and down the crowded aisles of the claustrophobic dollar store. I play with the idea of purchasing a variety of poorly made objects before settling on a pair of knock-off Beats by Dre headphones and a bottle of metallic nail polish. As I approach the counter to purchase the items, the cashier glares at me again and without hesitation asks to search my white plastic bag. I comply, and after looking in and seeing nothing suspicious, she rings me through and I head out the door taking in a breath of fresh air.’

Magic Island x The Lab Magazine

Photo credit: Justin Tyler Close for The Lab Magazine

Photo credit: Justin Tyler Close for The Lab Magazine

A short time ago in Berlin, Magic Island was photographed by Justin Tyler Close and interviewed by fellow-Canadian musician Beaver Sheppard for The Lab Magazine.

Check out the photo series and interview here

NONI WO – solarstorm

We’re excited to present solarstorm, the premiere track from Montreal’s NONI WO.

You can pre-order the U S B E P from our distro store HERE.
The EP will be released September 9th via Banko Gotiti Records.

NONI WO is a Montreal 4 piece pop club. The sound is a drippy mix of synthetic samples, big bass and snakey guitars. Songs are written by Rory Wolf Seydel (Pat Jordache) and fleshed out by collaborators: Bennet Dobni (Moonbahn), Elijah Herron, Patrick Winkelbrunn (Garbageman) and Jeremy Dabrowski (Noglue).

The U S B E P is a collection of songs recorded on a laptop in various homes, basements, sheds, practice spaces creating a “danse contact” between programmed synthetic sounds and real people hitting instruments. It’s 808 kicks with dingy guitars, sub bass and Wu-Tang snaps. It’s demo experiments stretched over ‘studio’ tracks via sound encapsulated in light weight chrome and plexi.

In a B2B world, NONI WO is your BB.

DJ SILK x Summer Cool Mix №5

DJ SILK (a.k.a regularfantasy // a.k.a one half of Bobo Eyes // a.k.a Olivia Carmen) made this mix for Summer Cool to keep things chill.
On August 12th, Bobo Eyes (regularfantasy and Evy Jane) will be releasing “Midnight Pearl” via Vancouver-based label 1080p on cassette and digital.
Order that here:

DJ Silk x Summer Cool Mix 005 by Summer Cool Music on Mixcloud

attitudes in error - 00016 JX
☁ wxxds ☁- love u down
TB – Invitation to Love
dylan check – baby
Sound Waves – I Wanna Feel the Music
william thurm/royer – Silice 2000(test1)
house of doors – cantgoaway(mextizasapmix)
Gacha – Water
Keita Sano – Happiness
Ruf Dug – Cosmic Feelings
Ace and the Sandman – Let Your Body Talk
Yangu 木 – s h y .

Gucchi Babe – ‘Intro’

Happy to share this video for Gucchi Babe’s  ‘Intro’, the first (and introduction) song to his upcoming EP: Le Même Prix 2010


Jack Chosef – Yeehai EP

Not much for us to say other than we’re happy our Berlin friend, Jack Chosef has finished and released his first and delightful EP – listen up down here 


Gucchi Babe x Uh Oh

Gucchi Babe put together this funky lil-mix for Uh Oh Gallery  ~ check it out:

Magic Island at #REGENERATE14


Magic Island will be performing and DJing at #REGENERATE14, a 4-day art & music event in Berlin presented by The Lab Magazine and GENERATOR.
Catch her on Thursday, July 17th and Saturday, July 19th.


#REGENERATE14 will challenge a set of artists and musicians curated by The Lab Magazine to create a one-of-a-kind interactive experience considering the concept of ‘shared spaces’ – how we live and work alongside each other. Happening across 4 days (17-20 July) with daytime and nightime occasions: art, interactive installations, live music, collaborator workshops, pop up gigs, themed rooms, food, drinks, rooftop terraces, soundscapes and good people.

Pre-order RAMZi’s first self-released album BÉBITES

Summer Cool Distro is excited to be carrying RAMZi’s first self-released album: Bébites, available for pre-order on Pygmy Animals!


RAMZi is Phoebé Guillemot, a self-taught producer from Montreal. In 2013, she released the EP Etwal Timoun on vinyl on Total Stasis as well as a tape titled DEZOMBI on Los Discos Enfantasmes. Bébites is her first album on her own Pygmy Animals label, and will be released on cassette and digital in late July.


Bébites is set in the wildness of a jungle, bringing RAMZi into an idyll playground where birds and animals have a voice. All together they are the guardians of a paradise being lost, all together they are fighting against the invasion of the zombies into the motherland. Neither boy nor girl, RAMZi appears as this protecting guardian-kid of a psychic landscape. He/she lives in the jungle as Moogli, and hides from errant zombies most of the time under the shape of a Pygmy Tarsier. RAMZi is this dual entity polarized into opposites (masculine/feminine ethos/ego, genuine/perverse, romantic/insensitive, free/captive, etc.). Their dialogue is based on fighting and flirting. For live shows they show up as 2 MC’s interacting together.”




Magic Island at Fusion Festival

Magic Island @ Fusion

A photo of Magic Island performing this past weekend on the Casino Stage at Fusion Festival with her beautiful live-band featuring Touchy Mob & Dylan III to just name a few.
Photo: Anton Teichmann