NONI WO – ‘Specter’

One afternoon in early September, the NONI WO crew came through the Arbutus Records HQ to dance. After hours of filming, we snacked on grapes, butter chicken pizza and chatted.

You can still get one of the few remaining U S B E P’s here:


Mr. Chill x Summer Cool Mix №6

Mr. Chill is a producer/pal that recently came to Montreal from Vancouver and is a patron of the party vessel that is ASL Singles Club. That very label is putting out some very chill and nice shit including Project Pablo, Wolfey, Prison Garde, etc.

We suggested he should whip up a mix – Enjoy

Mr. Chill x Summer Cool Mix 006 by Summer Cool Music on Mixcloud


Cover & ASL Design by Devin White

Gucchi Babe x The Editorial Magazine

Gucchi Babe put this together for our beautiful friends at The Editorial Magazine a lil while back. Slow down, sip & enjoy : ]

- All measurements in millimetres.
- Content has been snipped and sipped.
- Please refrain from designing chairs.

~ Gucchi Babe

Featuring: Ramzi, Arjun Ram Srivatsa, Lil Noid, Vangelis Katsoulis, A.R.T. Wilson / Andras Fox, DJ Rashad, D’eon, Gucchi Babe, Kane West, D. Tiffany, Beanie Man, DJ Haus


Vesuvio Solo – “Avion”

From the record Favors.

Video directed by Jesse Anthony.

Released October 2014 on Banko Gotiti Records (NA)
& Atelier Ciseaux (EU/WORLD).

Tape Orders:

Summer Cool Distibution (NA) // HERE
Atelier Ciseaux (EU/WORLD) // THERE
Digital Download // EVERYWHERE

NONI WO – “Sunlight”

On October 24th 2014, The United States of America opened its borders to allow NONI WO in for a single show.
Here is everything else that happened.

Mostly eating / And drinking, as much / And hanging out with pals / There is a dog / Mason is there too / Bennett wears many wigs / Rory ponders the fundamental requirements of a luxurious foundation / Jeremy eats chips / Marilis makes calls / Elijah documents (and edits)

An enormous thank you to Phoebe & friends


11/11 – Casa del Popolo
w/ Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa + Vesuvio Solo

11/16 – CLUB MIXTE Lounge
w/ Karneef & Ryan Power

11/20 – Bar Le Ritz PDB
w/ TBA (V. exciting)

for the Banko Gotiti showcase w/ Vesuvio Solo, Pat Jordache, and The Group Sound

track: ‘Sunlight’ – NONI WO

U S B E P out now on Banko Gotiti
Order via Summer Cool :
——- //
Press worldwide:

Two Horses x Banko Gotiti x Summer Cool OFF-POP Showcase

Pop Montreal came to an end last Sunday and despite the rain, we were able to continue with our Guez Roast thanks to the wonderful folks at Two Horses.
Tacking on an extra six groups originally set to play the Banko Gotiti & Summer Cool BBQ, we pulled off a beautiful afternoon show with a total of nine artists, two DJs, six extra large pizzas, a whole lot of BVM and infinite good vibes.

Thanks to everyone who came, was involved and we will see you next time!

She-Devils / Inside Touch / Pat Jordache / Freak Heat Waves / Ramzi / Alex Calder / NONI WO / Vesuvio Solo / Bataille Solaire & our sick DJs Cadence Weapon + Young Baby – you are all so sweet. 

Check out these pics courtesy of Ming Wu of PhotogMusic



Cadence Weapon

Cadence Weapon

Alex Calder

Alex Calder



Vesuvio Solo

Vesuvio Solo

Pat Jordache

Pat Jordache


Announcing: BANKO GOTITI

We are excited to welcome a new presence on the scene, a group of friends and artists who have started a Montreal-based label by the name of Banko Gotiti Records.

They are named after a small co-op weigh station in Southern Ethiopia where farmers bring their crop for processing and distribution. The label was founded on the same idea: exporting the output of a fertile community to a global audience.

Banko Gotiti currently represents four artists: NONI WO, Vesuvio Solo, The Group Sound and Pat Jordache.

After much preparation, the fellows at Banko Gotiti are excited to share four records with the world, which are ready for release this fall in partnership with us, Summer Cool Distribution. All four physical releases will be available via our webstore and we look forward to working with them and help building this community!

Listen to some Banko singles:

NONI WO – ‘solarstorm’ from U S B E P

VESUVIO SOLO – ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ from Favours 

THE GROUP SOUND – ‘COLD WORLD’ from Romantic Notions



Summer Cool Music is proud to announce the official release of ‘One’, the first edition of our bi-annual compilation series.



‘One’ features 16 style-spanning tracks curated from the emerging artists in the Summer Cool family. It is an amalgamation of the like-minded musical communities of Berlin, Montreal and the breezy Pacific Coast. 
For this release we have created a limited-edition run of 60 cassettes with artwork by London-based artist Timothy George Kelly, available via our webstore

Artists & Info:

WALTER TV –  Released once upon a 4/20, Appetite will be re-released by Sinderlyn soon enough.
BETTER PERSON – One of Summer Cool’s artists working on a debut E.P. for release in 2015
NONI WO – Fresh off Banko Gotiti Records, NONI WO offers up this debut single from their upcoming U S B E P
ADAM WILCOX - Member of Pat Jordache, DJ, producer & songwriter sitting on a gold-mine.
VESUVIO SOLO – Another of four Banko signees, this elusive duo is putting out their debut album Favors in October, 2014
THE GROUP SOUND – The Group Sound is physically releasing their sophomore album Romantic Notions through Banko Gotiti, and is available through our webshop 
COUNTRY – Sleaze-wave Montreal group that just released their first album Failure
MAGIC ISLANDWasted Dawn EP, the follow-up to Intoxicated Sunset will be physically released on an anticipated Berlin-based label
PAT JORDACHE - Looking forward to the release of their follow-up to Future Songs, Jordache started Banko Gotiti to make it sweeter than it already was
MATHEMATIQUEFeel EP came out this summer on Stellar Kinematics, while Pascale is cool as ever
GUCCHI BABE – Moving around too often, Gucchi Babe released Même Prix 2010 through Summer Cool and peaced out to B.C. right after
REGULARFANTASY – 1/2 of Bobo Eyes, regularfantasy  is the solo-project of Olivia Meek – it’s chill. We’re waiting for a better write-up from Richard MacFarlane
JACK CHOSEFYeehai EP was self-released in late-July and will be physically available to the world soon enough!
HQ HANDY – A mysterious collaborative project between Magic Island and BifiBoy seeping out from the shadows of a fastly fading Berlin summer
ANTOINE93 – Formerly Dresden Dresses, Antoine93 released Try Something Different in December, 2013. There’s more on its way.
RAMZiRAMZi is Phoebé Guillemot, a self-taught producer from Montreal- Bébites is her first album on her own Pygmy Animals label and available via our distro

Gucchi Babe – Même Prix 2010


click the art for the download

Today we’re happy  to announce the release of Même Prix 2010 by Gucchi BabeMême Prix 2010 is a collection of selected tracks produced and composed by Levi Bruce during the winter and spring of 2014, split between his time in Montréal and rural Ontario. The album title is both a reference and tribute to a dollar store Bruce frequents in Plaza St. Hubert in Montréal. 

For a little more info, read what Gucchi Babe has to say himself:
Même Prix 2010 

‘As I walked into the dollar store, with its windows full of cheap plastic toys & electronics, the middle-aged clerk immediately gives me an unimpressed glare. I ignore her and continue on, wandering up and down the crowded aisles of the claustrophobic dollar store. I play with the idea of purchasing a variety of poorly made objects before settling on a pair of knock-off Beats by Dre headphones and a bottle of metallic nail polish. As I approach the counter to purchase the items, the cashier glares at me again and without hesitation asks to search my white plastic bag. I comply, and after looking in and seeing nothing suspicious, she rings me through and I head out the door taking in a breath of fresh air.’

Magic Island x The Lab Magazine

Photo credit: Justin Tyler Close for The Lab Magazine

Photo credit: Justin Tyler Close for The Lab Magazine

A short time ago in Berlin, Magic Island was photographed by Justin Tyler Close and interviewed by fellow-Canadian musician Beaver Sheppard for The Lab Magazine.

Check out the photo series and interview here